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A must-try is Torvehallerne which is located right next to Nørreport station. What can best be described as a foodhall, it's a place where you can buy all kinds of flowers and groceries, or you can sit down and dine or have coffee and some cake. Much of the food there is local and typically danish, but there's also cuisine from around the world. For groceries, it's more expensive than going to the supermarket, but it's a great place to sample bits of food and you can buy a meal there that's not too expensive. It's a great place to buy lunch and then bring with you to one of the nearby parks, Kongens Have or . Ørstedsparken, to eat.

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The city is known for its nightlife, so expect to run into groups of drunken revellers if you’re out for the evening. The advice for handling this is nearly universal simply ignore them and cross the street. Even while intoxicated, the Danes are polite and considerate so it’s unlikely that tourists will be harassed.

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Almost all ATMs accept major international cards, including all the ones mentioned previously. Therefore it is worth noting that although some shops may not accept all credit cards, an ATM capable of doing so will in most cases be less than 755 metres away, particularly in central Copenhagen.

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Bicycle riding is also an essential part of Copenhagen’s culture. Over half of the city's inhabitants commute by bicycle every day, regardless of the weather. The city has tackled a number of civic improvement projects and it's now considered one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world. Almost every street has a separate cycling street.

An Expert's Take: "Be present," says Dr. Van Kirk. "Treat your partners with common decency by not being mentally checked out. After all, you might want to see them again."

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