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When should I follow up after a job interview? — Ask a Manager

Date: 2018-04-15 00:58

Kate, I 8767 m in corporate staffing, and I 8767 m doing a slow boil over this too. When someone interviews and goes to some trouble to provide references there is no excuse for the employer 8767 s lack of follow up. It 8767 s not pleasant to tell someone, 8766 We hired someone else, 8767 but that 8767 s what the staffing process is all about.

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Week two reference vetting. We meet maybe late Monday or Tuesday to discuss the offer list. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don 8767 t. This alone could take to the end of the week. Even assuming we all agree, we then start checking references. Not all references are available immediately. It could take the rest of the week until we 8767 ve cleared the reference for our first candidate. Sometimes we might check a reference on our second or third pick, if we 8767 re not sure about the first pick committing.

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I was wondering do you think there are fields where the constant follow-up is actually good advice? Like sales maybe? (I 8767 m not in sales myself, but it seems like the kind of field where more 8775 gumption-y 8776 hiring advice might be more appropriate.)

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