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14 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone With Kids

Date: 2018-03-12 07:28

This just perfectly captures the contradictions in parenthood (and life!), regardless of what path any of us took to get there. What a beautifully written piece.

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Thank you so much for this story, Cup of Jo team! I am a single mama via foster-adoption, to a beautiful almost-three-year-old girl. I love being a single mom, and while I pretty much inhale everything Cup of Jo features, it is extra special to see something so familiar to me reflected on your site. Thanks again!

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I really love this piece. While I’m not a parent, it really resonates with me because of Alyssa still wanting to identify as a single parent at times. A couple years ago, I left my teaching job for something different, but I still identify as a teacher and that part of me still exists. Thanks for sharing!

This is such a lovely essay I think even parents with partners see how our meticulous plans for what life with a baby will be like are constantly readjusting to the ways that life just comes at you in ways you least expect. Thanks for sharing something vulnerable that I 8767 m sure elicits too much judgment one way or another. She sounds like a wonderful mom!

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