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Date: 2018-03-06 18:22

The Hukilau was the place
Where I first saw your face
We liked each other right away
But you didn't remember me the very next day
Forgetful Lucy
Has got a nice caboosey

I used to trick you into pulling your car over so we could chat
But my favorite time was when you beat the shit out of Ula with a bat
Then we drove up to see Dr. Keats
And found out why Doug always has to change his sheets
Forgetful Lucy
Cracked her head like Gary Busey

But I still love her so
And I'll never let her go
Even if while I'm singing this song
She's wishing I had Jocko the walrus' schlong
Forgetful Lucy
Her lips are so damn juicy

How about another first kiss


|📝| Ныне у нас не шибко классные, но всё-таки снимки с концерта в Гвадалахаре прошедшего ровно 7 лет назад. Выбирать приходилось среди подавляющего большинства любительских фото. И к этому посту, добавить, наверное, больше нечего, ну, разве, что немного любительского видео с данного шоу в качестве бонуса. 😉👇 Ага, тут есть кавер на #Nightwish - убойная "End Of All Hope". 😎

[ 🇲🇽 Place: "Estudio Cavaret Theatre" (Guadalajara, Mexico) ]
[ 📅 Date: 05.03.2011 ]

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Chris Rea
Full name is Christopher Anton Rie. British singer, musician and actor.
Date of birth March 4, 1951/67 years
Sign of the Zodiac Pisces
Place of birth Middlesbrough, UK
I bought the first guitar at the age of 21 years. A year later he joined the group Beautiful Beautiful Losers, which, however, soon left. In 1978 he recorded the first album: Whatever happened to Benni Santini? The most popular were albums released by him in the late 80's and early 90's: The Road to Hell and Auberge.


My dear friends! Welcome to #speaking_club_pnz this Wednesday!


Class agenda:

Have you ever…
• eaten frog legs?
• called your partner by the wrong name?
• gone surfing or mountain climbing?
• been mugged?

Come and share the funniest or strangest stories from your life with us!

Date and time: Wednesday, March 7 at 7 pm.
Place: Aire Language Centre (1A Kuraeva st).
Admission fee: 200 rub (150 rub for all Aire students).

Everybody is welcome to join!
💥 DON'T FORGET to register if you want to come:
- in the comments,
- in a message to me: [id3875101|Варвара Моторина]

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Hey 👋
I need your recommendations and advice.

I will be in Russia for the World Cup from 12 June till 27 June

I would like to know the most places I have to visit during my stay.

I will arrive in Moscow and have to leave from there.

Indeed, I will be following the Egyptian team in the first three matches :)
So I have to be in the following cities within these dates:

15 June 2018: Ekaterinburg
19 June 2018: St Petersburg
25 June 2018: Volgograd

Thankful for your support,

Wish me luck