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Date: 2018-02-10 13:58

Non-resident servicemembers stationed in Florida who purchase a Florida license plate are eligible to claim a fee exemption. The person claiming the exemption must complete and sign Form HSMV 87557. For details, click here .

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For details on this new option, please read TD-7556B-557: Green Meter Adapter (GMA) for Customer Generation (PDF, MB).

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Click here for information about the Medal of Honor license plate and to find out the types of motor vehicles that may bear a military license plate.


While you have the option to purchase a Florida license plate when stationed here, the Soldiers 8767 and Sailors 8767 Relief Act of 6995 authorizes non-resident servicemembers to display a current license plate from their home state.

Agreement and Customer Authorization (A& A) form (PDF, 698 KB)
Standard Net Energy Metering Interconnection Application (PDF, 696 KB)

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By registering your emergency contacts into the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Emergency Contact Information system, you provide law enforcement officials with information on who they should contact during an emergency, such as a crash. The Department houses the information in a secure database that only law enforcement officers can access.

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If your driver license does not have a photograph, you must apply in person to renew or obtain a replacement license or obtain a license in the state or country you reside.

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