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How Proximity Marketing Is Driving Retail Sales

Date: 2018-02-10 07:26

With summer drawing to a close, we 8767 d love to hear your stories on how you enjoyed some much needed down time.  If you 8767 re one of our customers, it would give us great joy to know that we contributed to your ability to get away.  If you have time, and hopefully you do since you 8767 re using our system, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Use hashtag #umbrelladrinks.

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This first week is a great time to take a fresh look at projects and goals to really get the ball rolling for the New Year. We at Chronotek are no exception as we are excited to announce some valuable changes to the  Mobile CHRONOTEK  site accessible on your smart phones.

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The reasons that telephones should be utilized as a tool to track and manage your remote employees are outlined in two blog articles, The Universal Appliance and What’s In Your Pocket? Such a simple, pervasive and inexpensive device can be a powerful instrument in your small business success.

What Apps

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-From this point forward, we will be updating the blog more regularly, covering a broad range of topics that we feel are relevant to our users and fans (check back on Monday for a comparison of outdated internet browsers to spoiled milk, and an explanation of why a browser upgrade can improve your Chronotek experience!)

Likewise, a successful small business owner must constantly be learning and training to stay competitive in her industry. She must seek out and find the best practice tools to maintain her edge. Many small business owners with remote employees have found a valuable tool in our telephone timekeeping system. They are saving precious time and money by using technology to capture accurate shift times for their off-site workers.

How many of these clicks are useful and productive?  How many save money for your small business?  This research indicates that it 8767 s very likely that your remote, hourly employees are adept at using mobile apps.  So why not replace your company 8767 s inefficient employee handwritten time cards with our time tracking time clock app?  Our mobile time clock app accurately records your employees 8767 clock ins and clock outs and tracks their GPS locations.  It improves communication with your employees and supervisors with in-app messaging. And our time clock app reduces your administration time by allowing employees to monitor their schedules and hours worked.

Go, stop, schedules, time cards, in-app messaging and GPS ordered jobs, maps to the job. It 8767 s a brave new world!  Welcome to the employee portal of the new Chronotek mobile app.  In our next post we 8767 ll introduce you to the supervisor and admin functions.

A third idea is to use the Mobile App while physically monitoring the job site one night. Watch who arrives at the job site and then use the app to view which employees get clocked in.  See if an employee clocks in who wasn’t on site.

Link job site phones to ensure that employees are on-site when clocking in. Nothing kills your ability to compete like over-inflated, unearned hours. John may finish up early and decide to finish his shift at the local bar by clocking out on his cell phone. By linking phones, this can be avoided and you have peace of mind. Now that’s worth its weight in a gold medal.

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