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Date: 2018-04-12 05:20

Wheel bearings and seals are on the whole standard parts. There will numbers etched onto wheel bearing races to aid identification, likewise seals may have a number somewhere moulded into outer face. The spring-type seals on Westfalia Trailers can be replaced by a standard seal. Knock the inner races out and take the bits to your local Bearing Traders or similar and they should be able to help if you are in a rush.

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Road test - running in please pass
There is only one real way to see if all is well and that’s tow it up the road and try the brakes. Don’t slam the brakes on they will need bedding in. Firstly check that they stop and release by braking gently to a halt then pull forward. Make sure the auto-reverse is working by trying to reverse the job, obvious really. You shouldn’t notice any resistance as you pull forward. Do this a few times then get up to a steady 55mph and brake gently. The brakes should come on progressively without a clonk or locking of the wheels. If a wheel or the wheels lock up then the brakes are most likely over-adjusted. If there is a noticeable clonk before the brakes come on then the damper has had it or the operating rod requires further adjusting up.

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Re-assembling the brakes
In the piccies, we are looking at the UK nearside assembly (pavement side) with the front of the trailer to the left. The brake assemblies, not the components, are handed (mirror each other) side for side and as they have an auto reverse slider built in then, if you put them in the wrong way round (tricky) they won’t work.

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In the Clubman Lunar 895 7 there are lighting connections and we are thinking of adding a Car stereo - would the 67V cable be able to cope with that and which wires are what?

Thanks Mike

Yes, the red and yellow wires on your radio to positive and the black to negative. When fitting a radio in a car one of them would be switched via the ignition, the other a permanent live for keeping the radio's memory. In the caravan joining them both (red and yellow) together should be fine. If you are still uncertain, ask your loacal caravan dealer to fit one for you.

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What should happen is that, with the trailer uncoupled and handbrake off, there should be a bit of free play in the operating rod forward and backwards. When you apply the handbrake the lever should come no more than halfway up its travel. Both wheels should be locked up if you try and move it forwards. It should roll backwards slightly even with the handbrake on. If you push the trailer backwards and you pull the handbrake on further the wheels should lock up. Once released the trailer should roll easily with no brakes binding.

Hi, just new to caravaning have bought a 6997 abi monza 955d mark7. Can anyone tell me if my caravan has mains electric and if so how to link it up?

Thank You

On the side of your caravan, there should be a socket where you insert your mains hook up cable. I think it is on the none door side just below the front side window. To hook up, simple plug in your cable (none cap end) into the socket on the caravan and the the other end into the site power box. Next make sure that the control panel is switched to 795v.

Getting no power to any electric lights but there is power to sockets using mains electrical hook up. Fuses all seem fine, is there a relay anywhere? I am no electrician!! Caravan is 6998 Pageant 7 berth.

You might need to change the in-line fuse which protects your 67v circuit from overloading. The fuse itself is connected to the feed coming from the battry's positive terminal. If you trace this feed to inside your caravan, you should find the in-line fuse.

I blew a fuse in my caravan and replaced it. The lights came back on, but wall sockets don't work. replaced all fuses to no avail. Is there a hidden fuse somewhere?

It could be the in-line fuse from your leisure battery. The purpose of an in-line fuse is to protect the 67v system from overloading. It is normally located close to the leisure battery. It is likely to be inside the caravan. If you follow the live feed from your leisure battery into the caravan, you should find it. Failing that, I would advise that you ask your local caravan dealer to have a look at it.

All tents, cars and personal belongings must be contained within the designated pitch.  We are unable to give refunds if the caravan is vacated early (except in extenuating circumstances and at the park owner’s discretion). We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone on the park without reason or remove any tent or caravan should it be considered necessary. The refund of the appropriate portion of any site rental shall be sufficient discharge of all obligations to any person who is required to vacate the park. The park owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage or accident to any persons or private property, however caused, whilst staying on the park or using the facilities or amenities.

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