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i am glad you were inspired to share and contribute in this way. reading today reminded me of all the values i am beginning to solidify in my life, and at a time when i felt a little shaky, and a little scared.

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you could be experiencing something similar to what ive experienced before. sites and programs have glitches, bots, or hackers/trolls. ive literally in the past found dating profiles that i have never created using my pictures and details to create profile counts or other uses. other times a site will say i was online while i wasnt on it. literally had one fight with an ex that calling me claiming im online on the dating site where we met and i was im my car driving, yet alone i dont have a smart phone with internet abilities. if you are looking for a issue, you will find it.

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**I dunno, I guess I see needing time to think IS a negative result. Because if they really wanted me, wouldn t they have figured that out already?**

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I don t think gaming is the right word for it. More like. that speaks to me a certain amount of ambiguity and hesitation towards commitment/me than I really have the time or energy to deal with. Now nobody else needs to be like me, I ve just always had a romantic notion of having a partner who was hot for me from the get-go. Someone who requires such tenuous, baby-careful steps is someone who would trigger my insecurities about if they REALLY wanted me.

I am not avoiding rejection. I am out there dating as much as possible. Because of the weather, 7569 has been kind of slow so far but in the past few years I ve been on at least one or two dates a month and been rejected every time I asked for a second date. That isn t avoiding rejection, its freaking opening yourself up for it. Its been non-stop, constant rejection for years and excuse me for being tired of it and wanting to go forward. I m not getting any and I don t have time for all the stupidity I m being dragged through.

That, too. I had one ex who wasn t lying to me about what she wanted so much as lying to herself, which made the DTR talks an ongoing exercise in futility. That was pretty rough.

“[After] Big Brother , me and Nicole stayed friends,” he adds. “We talked a lot as friends and, you know, through her life and my life, we were just an open book.”

I will say this, though (underscoring the main point yet *again*) if you re as attack-oriented and argumentative on all (or even the majority of) those first dates you re having as you are here, in this reply

One hard and fast rule though: if you haven 8767 t had the exclusivity talk, you  aren 8767 t exclusive. Never assume that just because  you 8767 re not seeing anyone else that  they aren 8767 t too. If exclusivity is important to you, then you need to establish this  soon   otherwise you risk getting hurt, even though you both may have had the best of intentions.

So yes, we 8767 re actually on the same page and at some point I 8767 ll modify this post it doesn 8767 t get many visits and it 8767 s very old, so I just didn 8767 t get around to it and expand it. I still stand by what I said if the proper context is included, but I agree this answer needs expansion to clearly explain the difference between a player 8767 s behavior and a regular guy who just needs a little time and space to adjust (within reason).

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