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Date: 2018-03-10 16:12

I 8767 m also married to a Chinese man have been since 6997. I 8767 m writing a series of articles looking at the lives of the women in his family my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and nieces-in-law. If anyone is interested, please take a look. It 8767 s in its early stage, but expect more posts soon.

The Asian Woman is the Last Remaining Bastion of White

The popular myth as portrayed by Hollywood is that Chinese men are not cool. Guess who are cool..the Italians who have 8 million drug addicts. Especially in this economic situation, many white men had been on top.. spoiled, living beyond means. Responsibility is out of the window (unlike women who have children to take care of, are by nature more nurturing). Many of them are in financial troubles, on drugs, scraping by and taking advantage of people who are closest to them, frequently the white women. The Chinese men are usually more financial responsible or less 8775 cool 8776 , driven. Retain have family morals, and take care of business. When a white women experienced in both worlds, Guess who is she going to prefer.

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In case you are only interested in having a short-term sexual experience with a random girl, you probably won’t care about the fact that Asian women have extraordinary family values and don’t regard settling down as a burden that you have to do once you are tired of drinking and fucking around.

Racist UCI Student Can't Stand Seeing a White Woman

So we get along fine. There hasn 8767 t been a time when we had to compromise on culture or tradition. If anything, I am more red blooded American than anything else. I love shooting guns, big V8s and feel more at home in America than anywhere else. I don 8767 t think her family minds that I am Asian either, despite some of them being deeply Christian and Republican. I guess the real key here is that I appeared to have 8775 assimilated 8776 into American culture, even though I am really a flexible guy with no real culture to call my own.

Eventually, those negative perceptions became widespread stereotypes that were propagated by normal people who don’t know any better and who don’t have the intellect to question their beliefs.

One of the most common and also most negative stereotypes that Caucasian men have to face is that of the evil man who wants to have a submissive slave for the bedroom. I don’t know why this stereotype is so popular, but I am sure that it is somehow related to the fact that so many people believe that Asian women are nothing but submissive little dolls.

Hate me or disagree with me all you want but I know that asian female/white male couples don 8767 t exist in spite of racism but instead occur because of racism. They are not indicators of how 8775 love is colourblind 8776 or triumphant displays against racism. The future children are not 8775 bridges 8776 nor are we for the most part particularily beautiful or intelligent. I am proud to proclaim I am genetic garbage. I hope one day to proclaim this to the next smug faced asian female/white male couple I see. But I 8767 m a coward so..

Yeah, it sort of feels like we 8767 re in the same boat, except you don 8767 t have to explain to anyone anymore because of your gorgeous husband (you 8767 re so lucky)!
I hope I can find someone like that some day.

Hi, first of all, I really enjoy your article, Sebastian and love reading all the comments, ^^
I just want to confirm about the language is used in Vietnam. In Vietnam, we all speak Vietnamese. English is required subject and is taught in school, but French is optional.
Hope it helps ForestGump 🙂

I guess it all works out. Decent guys who treat women well are not desired by most American white girls (I have seen this all my life). A huge percentage of white American women have an insatiable appetite for Bad Boys (Google women love Bad Boys and you will get about 85 million hits).

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