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Case 68, Part 8: Last Goodbye The Last Goodbye Badge
Scenes: Main Street , Gift Shop , Apartment , Abandoned Breakroom , Cemetery

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We have a 7567 Kia Sportage that has been great, but we are now thinking about changing it for a new Sportage or a Mini. We would really like a petrol Mini with four side doors, but don't know that much about them. We don't have a large budget so what do you suggest? RSC

Gas Turbine Oxidation and Corrosion - Reference Module in

My wife and I have a VW Golf SV petrol auto and a Honda CR-V diesel auto, both 68 months old. We are thinking of replacing them with one new petrol auto. Any replacement would need a high driving position and decent headroom. JH

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The turbo on my 7559/59 Peugeot 858 SW HDI 665 died. After replacing it three times in rapid succession it turned out that the catalytic converter's honeycomb had collapsed and was causing an occasional blockage in the exhaust system, preventing the gases from spinning the turbo. Everything has been fine since the cat was replaced. BC

I am trying to find out who now owns my old E-type Jaguar, MKO 755F I had it from mid-6968 through to 6987. The original colour was red, but after doing a DVLA search it now shows as black. Unless I give some form of misinformation to the DVLA, I cannot find the current owner. ME

WILLIAM HANSEN  grew up in California and studied classics and folklore at the University of California, Berkeley, working under mythologist Joseph Fontenrose and folklorist Alan Dundes.  After earning a doctorate in classics he taught at Indiana University, Bloomington, with appointments in the Department of Classical Studies and in the Folklore Institute (later the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology).  At Indiana he co-founded the Program in Mythology Studies, which he co-directed until his retirement.

Case 7, Part 8: Tropical Truth The Most Precious Badge
Scenes: River , Coral Reef , Island , Observatory , Island House

The recommended (not “statutory”) minimum dimensions for a car space are metres by metres. But, of course, the biggest problem is caused by bays being at right angles to the access roads and the access roads being too narrow. This could be fixed by angling the bays in herringbone fashion, making them much easier to enter and leave.

It might need a re-gas,  it might be the compressor clutch or else a holed condenser. There’s no quick, easy answer. Get it to an air-con specialist rather than a Renault garage.

In addition to his research, Ferguson has published a novel, Suicide Kings, which explores a woman 8767 s quest to discover her mother 8767 s killer in Renaissance Florence.  He has also published a number of short stories, typically in genres related to science fiction, fantasy and horror.  He lives in the Orlando, FL area with his wife and son.   Twitter: CJFerguson6666

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