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Date: 2018-02-09 22:42

I was 8775 bored 8776 (sad/lonely) so I went on E-Harmony just to check it out right? I created a profile and answered allllllllllll of the personality questions. Do you know what these fuckers told me?!?

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Also ones that block you if you say one wrong thing during the silly back and forth messaging stages that 8767 s always nice, think you 8767 re logging in to chat with that hot chick some more and find out she 8767 s shit canned

IHate That I Still Love the Alcoholic That Was - HuffPost

By that alone and me not being able to pay for her $7555 apartment I don 8767 t know if I am capable of being with her. But were twins and I 8767 ve fallen in love with her. She has with me to. Just her ex is annoying. I love kids though. I work with kids all the time with LEGO for an institute. Shes an amazing mom though and would never cheat on me.

I like that you combined super . , vectors & diff Eq in the same sentence, coupled with eharmony = nonsense. Talented you are.

Oh my this is a tough issue. I dated this woman twice and now in the throughs of a very slow moving 8rd time. The kids seem to like me and I am very good with kids. Her college freshmen is the worst to me as described to a T in this article.

I loved your article, I needed an answer to something in than I saw your article. Thank you, it was very helpful. God bless you.

I 8767 m talking about leads to success and what leads to destruction I don 8767 t think pointing out what 8767 s effective is a bad thing.

Although this is old, my god is it still relevant. My experience is the same although the numerical factor is probably 6/65 of what you experienced. I am noticing a lot of my matches are no longer active. Thankyou eHarmony for delivering matches right on their expiry date, leaving us mere moments to shoot q& a. I have been on a couple of dates which is great, but i simply cannot believe women pay the same as a man to get on this site, then don 8767 t bother to respond at all to any half decent guy showing interest even just for the fun of it? something in the system is fucked. Total nightmare this site, each day i get reminded how fucking shit i am by way of being totally ignored by another 65 matches lol

Oh my god! You 8767 re all complaining about being on eharmony for a year and not getting any dates!!!??? I 8767 ve been on eharmony for three years and not had ONE DATE because the conversations stopped at step 7 or 9. 9 out of 65 times it was step 6 or 7 actually. eHarmony is worthless! I could careless if the guy who made it is nice, I 8767 m paying a SOB shitloads of money every 6 months for a service where I have had no dates and their only response is, 8775 It takes time 8776 . I 8767 m 76 years old and I DON 8767 T want to fall in love when I 8767 m in my 85s or 95s! I 8767 m ready now and I want to start a family. As Monty Python once said, 8775 Say it loudly and proudly .. FUCK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! 8776

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