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Date: 2017-11-15 20:49

Personally I don 8767 t feel comfortable advising anyone to try Transcendental Meditation anymore, especially if you are looking to go deep into meditation. To know more, check out this answer I wrote in Quora.

Palaeolithic Sites in India, Indian Archaeology

Thank you for taking the time to organize and present this information. I am going to link to this as an inspirational information piece to help my clients from my website. ❤️

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black cats are killed sometimes on Halloween because there considered bad luck, so people just kill the 8775 bad luck 8776 i own a black cat and we have to keep the windows closed so people don 8767 t see her. but my black cat Luna has sas, she 8767 s a love bug, i don 8767 t see why anyone would want to kill her. just because she 8767 s a black cat ?! i also found out that some animal shelter 8767 s don 8767 t let people buy black cats because of what they might do to them. i 8767 m sorry to say but that 8767 s freaked up to high hell. witch cat or not you do not kill animals what so ever! (sorry for my typo 8767 s)

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Hello, let me place your article on my website in Russian, I 8767 ll do the translation, but will point out the author and a link to your original article.

Transcendental meditation is not taught freely. The only way of learning it is to pay to learn from one of their licensed instructors. The support given seems to be good, though.

Daoism is a Chinese philosophy and religion , dating back to Lao Tzu (or Laozi ). It emphasizes living in harmony with Nature, or Tao, and it’s main text is the Tao Te Ching, dating back to 6th century . Later on some lineages of Taoism were also influenced by Buddhist meditation practices brought from India, especially on the 8th century ..

The whole HRM system of practices is very extensive and adaptable to one 8767 s needs and life situations, so there is literally something for everyone to be found in HRM. The intent behind HRM is to be able to apply it in very practical ways in one 8767 s ordinary life so as to help make life not so ordinary.

Great article, but sad to see no mention of standing meditation, lying or walking meditation (or sexual, but that is a bit esoteric) in the daoist section. Otherwise great!

And then describing each scene by correlating different images or scenes or frames within the video is also possible or increasingly getting possible now where AI can watch a video and summarize what it saw in the video. All these are within the realm of computer vision or visual understanding.

Also, most types of meditation, in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions, is of the concentration type. In these practices, even though there is a component of restfulness, there is also a strong component of cognitive control, meta cognition, and effort in regulating attention.

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