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Date: 2018-03-07 07:28

Black Men have been considered one of the most attractive men physically to date... by several survey 8767 s, so I figure black women may feel it 8767 s best to keep it at home within our obvious attraction towards our own men. Just the same as other races seem to be strongly attracted to them.

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I can speak from personal experience.  I was raised by a Black mother and a father that loved me, cared about my future, and played an active role in encouraging me to do the right thing.  When I started HS went through college, they noticed how myself and many of my friends all were not dating Black girls at our school or at all.

Lady A TriathleteJan  
8775 We don 8767 t owe anyone an explanation to live. 8776   This sentence says it all!  This is what I believe, and I completely agree with you.  I repeated each word in my head, and found each word filled with inherent power.
Try it ladies!  Read. Each. Word. not as a sentence, but each word alone.  Are they not ALL sizzling with Divine power?  Others may believe we owe them an explanation, but that is their mistaken belief not ours.
Salute, Lady!

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Christelyn  Victoria Posh Couture   8775 But feel free if you hate it here and think I 8767 m evil BYE. 8776

I 8767 ll admit I went to a Directional School, maybe if I was at an IVY or B65 University my experience would be different.  But my buddies who went to those places came away with similar stories.

Lannie So you walk up to one, hold eye contact for 5-6 seconds, and then sorta murmur (for his ears only) 8775 and you wanted to say what to me?  I 8767 m listening 8776
Grabbing neckties often works, too.
Too bad you can 8767 t use the 8766 7 765 9 over the head method 8767 just to get their attention, ya know.

Sistas need to stop trying to appease people for their dating choices, no matter the race or gender, doing it. We don 8767 t owe anyone an explanation to live.

The show Scandal has jumped the shark so completely that is it more farce than anything else and can not really be taken at all seriously.

are so worried that black women will find any bit of happiness, be it with white or any other men besides you that you are that determined to gaslight and call us angry. Please I commend my fellow Beyond Black and White Beauties that can still engage you in a polite manner and give you the benefit of the doubt. But to me you guys are only here to troll, see what we are doing? Why even come on here if you just want o say we are angry and calling all black men out?

Well not I. My husband is not american, so this guilt people want white men to feel for slavery will not cut it in my house. And even if he was american, it still would not fly.

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