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Date: 2018-02-15 05:15

I was down south this week and I stopped by to see some friends who lived just north of New Orleans. Their grandaughter (in her early 75 8767 s) is staying with I was talking with my friends she walked into the lving room. They introduced her to me. She did not even acknowledge me, did not shake hands, never said a word. Sat there and sent text messages to her friends. I don 8767 t expect to me treated like royalty but I thought it was rude.

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you white people have no identity of your own that 8767 s why us Indians stay the hell away from you because we don 8767 t like you nor do we like your lifestyle period!

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After my experience with him, I decided never to date another Caucasian man. He 8767 s creepy as hell and is a bucket of STDs.

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What I wanted to say is that we whites are discriminated against as well. Sure, there was racism coming from us, but it doesn 8767 t mean that other races can 8767 t be racist as well. In the modern times, it seems that the roles have changed. Immigrants from the 8-rd world coming to Europe barely show any respect to the indigenous ppl.

I know a half-Indian girl who looks completely white, complete with blond hair and blue eyes. I only found out when I couldn 8767 t recognize her surname as anything European, and asked her where it came from.

I 8767 m sure I 8767 m reading into this too much but the sheer number of times I 8767 ve been told this, from people of all ages, genders, and nationalities has started to hit a nerve.

I was in Malmo for an interview with Sony-Ericcson couple years back I did not take the job, but even their receptionist (who 8767 s not even a blonde) is a 65/65 knock

I live in France, I didn 8767 t knew 96 % of Asian women date White men. In France, just a few asian women live with a white man. (I am an Asian woman + a White man)

And that will get laughed at: understandably so. Its like watching a child try to lecture quantum physics when they know nothing on algebra. Its cute, its funny, and later on when they insist: pathetic.

My sole piece of advice to Indian guys: Don 8767 t reject your amazing culture for American trash culture in order to attract trashy women. Keep your beautiful religions and traditions and music and dance and poetry and food and, and, and. however try to become a little bit independent from your families and establish yourselves as sovereign adults.

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