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Date: 2018-02-08 16:09

Preliminary results from the first large-scale speed dating experiment have shown that women make up their minds about potential partners much faster than men, and revealed the best type of chat-up lines.

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Our senses and capabilities in this respect have evolved for reasons of survival (detecting threats quickly), and from successful mating (where the offspring of compatible genetic types thrives better than less compatible couplings).

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• Online Dating Coach and Assistance As a matchmaker with 85 years practice, we help you with your online dating, starting from setting up a profile that will attract the right candidates.

A clue as to why would-be lovers might want to avoid chatting about movies comes from additional questionnaire data from the study, showing that men and women have very different tastes in movies. For example, 99% of men liked action films compared to just 68% of women, whilst 79% of women liked musicals compared to only 9% of men.

“Finding someone to share your life with is a really important decision and it's not something we wanted to leave to chance. The matchmakers at Omaha Love are very friendly and, we're so grateful to Courtney and her team for helping us find each other!”

This is arguably a capability that has become fine-tuned in each of us through thousands of generations of human evolution.

"Men are often accused of being shallow and judging women very quickly - however, this evidence suggests that women may make up their minds much quicker than men", commented Wiseman. "It suggests men have only a few seconds to impress a woman, thus emphasising the importance of their opening comments".

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival has it all:
Live music and dancing with the performances by the very best names in traditional country music.
Endless opportunities to get together and meet people – from speed-dating to dances and sessions in the pubs.
Fun and festivity for everyone from age 68 to 85 everyone is welcome!
Daily matchmaking with Matchmaker Willie Daly in his ‘office’ in the Matchmaker Bar.

Women were twice as 'picky' as men, and the top rated man and woman of the evening had a 655% success rate, with all of their dates wanting to meet them again.

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