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Genetics, nutrition, habits, sea breeze, star gazing The Dutch always want to know what their neighbours have for dinner. And how about some conspiracy theory? How do abortion, the infant mortality rates and liberal euthanasia relate to body height? Creepy stuff if you ask me.

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[ ] land. Stranger yet, 65% of Dutch people now live beneath sea level -it turns out that even their enormous height doesn 8767 t help in this [ ]

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I 8767 m german/belgian and living in The Netherlands, I 8767 m 5 foot, I can 8767 t reach the higher shelves in the shops, when sitting on dutch chairs my feet dangle and in public toilets I can 8767 t see myself in the mirror. My children grew up in the Netherlands and they are 6,75 (the boys), 6,69 and 6,96 the two girls ( all grown-up) despite drinking lots of milk and eating lots of cheese. So where does that leave all the theories.

Its about averages, and when you step on a plane with dutch people its very different than going in a plane filled of french or british who are way way shorter as a whole.

Netherlanders are consistently Dutch, living Dutch, birthing Dutch babies, and up they grow! The . average includes people ranging from Dutch, Swedish and German, to Indian, Mexican and Thai. Very different cultures don 8767 t often intermarry so there is still huge variation, also with diet and lifestyle. Being a 6ft German American female I like the height of things in Holland, but where oh where are the large size shoes? They are more easily found in the . and Canada.

Professional, (retired about 7 years ago) Likes good companion, well travelled,loyal, current affairs, good wine, to share things in life (daily things, or important moments),markets.. specially the dynamic of interaction.. being there

The Dutch are FAR too tall. There are too many crowd events where all I got to see was some blond giant 8767 s shoulders. The EU should start handing out free cigarettes and vodka to pregnant women so their kids will be reduced to the EU average.

Living in the dairy province of Friesland, I 8767 d say the women here are considerably taller than 5ft 7 or so. I see couples walking around here who tower above me at well above 6 feet. Blondes, blue eyes, and very very tall. And to think that my parents were shorter than I was so within just two generations this amazing physical change has taken place in the Dutch population.

Kate, my Mom is from Holland, MI and she was the shortest growing up in her family of sisters at 5 8767 9 8798 (feet and inches for you metric folk). My aunts and some of my girl cousins are over six feet tall. My brothers and boy cousins are six one through six four. I 8767 m short at five eight!

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