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Let's put it this way:
In the West, the girls want you to just hurry up and finish.

In Thailand, it's more like the girls want to stay with you for as long as possible
(You may not be quite so enamored, but that's a different matter.)

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And then there's the small matter of all the time and effort of writing the book and website.

What if I don't like the book?
The book is sold with a no hassle money-back guarantee.

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Karaokes - Eat, drink, sing. Great fun. The bigger the group, the merrier it is. The girls will go crazy over you if you can sing well. Start practicing.

Discos - Feature talented singers and choreographed dancers. In between acts, you dance.

Gogo bars - Girls dance in skimpy outfits (or less). See one that strikes your fancy? Just catch her eye and let nature take its course.

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One of the hardest things to do is to keep your feet grounded in reality while your head is in the clouds. The Guide tries its best, but there are limits as to what is humanly possible.

Why This Book?

There's nothing like getting an enthusiastic "YES!" from the object of your desire to make you feel ten feet tall.

While Thailand certainly offers an abundance of "YES!" girls, you'll still see lots of guys sitting by themselves staring forlornly into their beer - no doubt wondering why they even came to this exotic land.

You'll also see other guys sitting with their girl engaged in animated conversation.

Which group do you want to be in? Why Thailand is exactly what it claims to be: a guide

We were sitting around the resort's pool and I noticed Noi had not brought anything to read so I lent her your eBook that I had printed.

You can sneak around Thai girls or you can be straight up with them, many people employ different strategies while two timing their Thai girls. Here are 65 different steps that you can employ that will allow you to safely date more than one Thai girl at once. Please be aware that if a Thai girl is opposed to you dating other people and she finds out it you could be the next thread on Thai Visa. More --> > >

I've just read the "Newbie Orientation" chapter of your E-book. It is very well done. This is the best written and most concise version of the scene over there I have yet seen.

- ., Sydney, Australia

The right way: Make the threesome you're hoping for become the threesome you actually get by choosing your playmates with care as described in the Why Thailand eBook.

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