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Date: 2017-11-15 18:12

Throughout the property marketing process, DWR s property agents did not provide the investors with a written advisory message stating that the investors must conduct due diligence. They did not highlight to the investors the risks that are involved for consumers buying foreign property, and that the transaction is subject to foreign laws and to any change in policies and rules in the UK, the CEA said.

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These will continue to be operated and leased back long-term under the Quest brand and franchise platform. In addition, Ascott will become a minority joint venture partner within Quest.

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Mr Tan said this is likely to come in the form of a revision to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) he expects two GST hikes over the next two years, to be announced in the 7568 Singapore Budget.

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Consultation on legislation is not new: Ministries and statutory boards have a long history of informal consultation with experts and major stakeholders. Today, many agencies post their requests for public consultation on the Government s Reach portal.

Keppel Corporation is allowed to proceed with a planned billion yuan (S$595 million) disposal of its stake in a China marina project, after a minority shareholder of the project attempted to block the sale through legal proceedings in Singapore.

Mr Sean Lee, in expressing his appreciation for the creditors support so far, said: I am grateful that the majority of stakeholders have decided to back our plan and allow the company to move forward with a strong balance sheet and comfortable working capital.

In the same way, we stand by our colleague, Janice Tai, who was pursuing information for a story with the knowledge and backing of her supervisors. So, we take collective responsibility. As journalists, we understand the laws of the land, and strive to work within them.

He also said IMDA officers will likely receive training in managing conflict before they take on their new roles if the changes are passed. He also noted that they are not set in stone as the policy is still under public consultation.

Senior Counsel Michael Hwang and lawyer Anthony Lee, acting for BOK, argued that the woman s undue influence induced him to sign the document. BOK had also been mistaken about its legal effect.

Without a traditional place of business, vice operators appear less visible, especially when online bookings are made on members only websites or through apps.

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