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BRIAN HARE: As humans, we are remarkable, because we can imagine what it's like, in some context, to be someone else. That's an amazing ability we see in humans.

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Diana wants to find out what else we share on an even more fundamental level. She's investigating whether dolphins recognize themselves as individuals. Do they each have a sense of “self?”


NARRATOR: The bees perform a striking behavior that's key to solving the problem of gathering enough food. It's called the “waggle dance.”

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ERIC STROUD: We've just arrived at the Triangle Rocks, that's south of South Bimini Island. And when we set up here, six Caribbean reef sharks arrived. And these are adult sharks, and they vary between maybe two to three meters. There's really, there's one big one down there.

In " Mabel's Guide to Stickers ", Mabel shapes her hair into that of an ostrich. An ostrich was among the taxidermy animals brought to life by the Ghost of Northwest Manor in "Northwest Mansion Mystery."

ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ (Barnard College, Columbia University): They have hundreds of millions more receptors in their nose than a person does.

LLOYD BUCK: So, we've presented him with that problem, and through his own intelligence and problem-solving abilities, he worked out to use his own water, what he had around him, to his advantage, which I think shows a lot of intelligence.

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Explanation: Treo 655 on Palm OS with Blazer browser - the hspr-H657 is the Handspring product code for Treo 655. String from Andrew Marconi - thanks.

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