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Date: 2018-03-08 20:33

I don't wanna be needing your love
I just wanna be deep in your love
And it's killing me when you're away
Ooh, baby, 'cause I really don't care where you are
I just wanna be there where you are
And I gotta get one little taste

Yes, please
Won't you come and put it down on me?
I'm right here, 'cause I need
Little love and little sympathy
Yeah, you show me good loving
Make it alright
Need a little sweetness in my life
Yes, please
Won't you come and put it down on me? ♫



I believe that playing action games like GTA5 or related ones is a really good way to master spoken American English 🇺🇸 Really lively dialects with lots of slang expressions and beautiful pronunciation in real-life situations.
Videos from GTA5 from this channel are all subtitled therefore can be a really good tool not only for advanced students but intermediate ones as well 🎯👌
So, dear colleagues, take a close look, this is real American English in some really HAIRY and GNARLY life situations 😉😉😉🇺🇸