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Pisces Man: Pisces Man Personality

Date: 2018-03-06 14:00

8 8 6988 I am struggling with channeling my energies, Gen.
What chart are you referring to in some of your comments? Can I access it on your website?

Cancer man and Pisces woman compatibility horoscope

If you’re a Water sign, you don’t need too much advice. You have a truer understanding of how a Pisces man will fare in love and war and you’ll enjoy his touching appreciation of your love and care.

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my freind has a cancer girl n he is head ovaer hills for dis wonman so really i do think dis is a great a nd terifice match.

Pisces and Scorpio | Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

I 8767 m a Cancer, and I 8767 ve always enjoyed Pisces friends and boyfriends. They sometimes cannot be 8775 all there 8776 right when you need them, but they always understand you, on a deeper level than most. They are great to go to a concert with, to the movies, out to eat, and have always had wonderful senses of humor. Gentle, kind, sensitive, creative and intelligent. My kind of people. Oh, and often quite psychic and intuitive. Just don 8767 t try to pin a fish down give them space and they always come back. Gotta love them!

As friends, Pisces are very protective. She is the type of friend to back you up in any situation. She is also always down for whatever and rarely says no. But, keep in mind that she can be flaky don’t be surprised when she comes up with a last minute excuse as to why she can’t join the girls night out affair you’ve been planning all month. This sign truly goes with the flow. If there was ever a friend you needed to share your most hidden secrets with, Pisces is the one to tell. Not to mention she will not judge your most wild and crazy acts.

im a cancer man and im wondering for those pisces woman is it true that you like ur feet being tended to and all that other stuff like if i had a foot fetish

Peace, Love, and Compassion: these are the highest qualities that Pisces aspires towards. To get to such a lofty goal they must often wallow through a lot of mud and storms along the way. That is why Kuan Yin is often depicted standing upon a full blown lotus flower. Perhaps there are really no words now to further attempt to define what can only be contemplated. I leave you, dear readers, with that beautiful image. Who or what is Pisces must perhaps ever remain a mystery, an enigma.

I 8767 m a nonbionary with a cis man and idk. It works, although he tends to be very distant when we are in public. In private he is very sweet. He will do anything to make me feel better if I 8767 m upset. we 8767 ve been together for about 7 years and I want to kill him most nights but I still but we can still make it work.

Very made for each other soulmate made in heaven experience. However the pises man has to be more practical and cancer more easyer on them.

I 8767 m a Capricorn married to a Pisces. Today is our 65th wedding anniversary, though we 8767 ve been together for 76 years. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so glad I stayed with him!
I am definitely in the driver 8767 s seat but we don 8767 t get bored, we trust each other totally.

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