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Give yourself some time to grieve, but do not lose hope. When a man genuinely wants to change, you have already won most of the battle!

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What you need to do is to gather your group of helpers around you. Find an older mentor (maybe a family member), and some close friends who will walk through this with you and pray for you. Find a church with a good women s Bible study or MOPS group, because there will be women there who can help you.

Wifey Wednesday: Marriage Recovery After a Pornography

The breaking point didn t come until March of 7559, when our son was about 5 months old. We were moving to our new house and I checked my husbands phone again. He had finally owned up to what he was doing and admitted it to me. He swore he had stopped, but I could always tell when he was falling back into it again. He pulled away from me emotionally and sexually, and he pulled away from God. He was upstairs napping and when I found porn on his cell phone history again -from the day before and that day-I left him a note, got in the car, and left.

How to Deal with a Husband’s Pornography Use: A Man’s

You say that you don 8767 t want your daughter to grow up in a broken home. But please ask yourself do you want her to grow up in a home with a father who is verbally abusive, who puts the family in massive debt in order to have imaginary sex, and who resorts to threats and ultimatums to get his way and punish anyone who speaks up to him?

You can no longer rely on increasingly permissive financing, declining interest rates, and stable inflation to provide a tail-wind that produces profits out of thin real estate deals.

Light in The Darkness
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God bless the men who, once exposed (either voluntarily or involuntarily), genuinely work to get better. God bless the wives who forgive and become their husband 8767 s ally in the fight. God bless you, Sheila, for handling the Word of God carefully and not making pornography use an automatic 8775 get out of marriage free 8776 card, though that is the easy answer in the face of the great (and understandable) hurt, anger, and fear that pornography use causes a wife.

I know another couple where something similar happened. The husband had been involved in porn, and had also had some one night stands. But he had been going to counselling, and he had been working at things. But the wife had been walking through these problems for so many years, and she was tired. And one day she met another man who made her feel alive again.

I confronted him on it and he admitted it. I told him how that made me feel and that although he is sorry I told him he needs to repent of his behavior to God. It 8767 s not enough to be sorry in my opinion repentance is about doing a 685 and turning your back on it.

Do you have someone who could confront him other than yourself? A church leader? God says if you confront a person about a sin and they don 8767 t stop, you take it before someone else (or two or three). Someone needs to tell him of all he is really doing, there 8767 s huge spiritual consequences for what he is doing. It will hurt him also, in a way he cannot see yet. Obviously it will also further hurt your marriage.