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Lets talk some sensible 8766 facts 8767 and findings only. First of all congratulations for starting great discussion. In short Vimanas were absolutely real and it is true that all the Indian ancient kings were used to have advance tech Vimanas, not only to fly from India to New your but from Galaxy to Galaxy. Joke..? Well you can laugh.

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Dec 69 – Christine Walker, 79, was and shot when she arrived home in Sarasota, Florida. Her husband Cliff, 75, was then shot, as were their son Jimmie, 8, and Debbie, who was not yet 7. She was drowned in a bathtub. A serial killer named Emmett Monroe Spencer subsequently confessed to the murders but his confession was discredited. In 7567 there was a theory they had been killed by Perry Smith and Richard Hickok (the Clutter family, from In Cold Blood, fame) But DNA tests ruled them out. The case remains unsolved although there is another theory of a connection to the unsolved Zodiac killings in California.

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This was a very interesting read but I think that the black night l sattaligt is from eats beceause the universe is so big

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The main attraction is the large produce marquee, full of the biggest and best fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as home baking, varied crafts, home made wine & beer, original photographs and pictures &ndash all produced by the local community.

Competitors hurl themselves down the steep banks of Cooper's Hill, chasing the giant Cheese! Cooper's Hill, Near Brockworth. midday (A96 Stroud-Brockworh Rd). Web: -

It is true that this is in the ancient writings from the riegon and culture of Sri-Lanka, though many ancient cultures and writings have their own ideas quite simular to those you have chosen to mention.
It is a mystry as to why our goverments have not shared this information with us and one must wonder if were are being fed ancient information at an exelerated rate since the begining / end of the long aztec calandar and or cycle that started or ended a few years ago?
We must refrain from looking through just one fuzzy lens. If in fact we were to be allowed the task of creating a closer and clear view should be sinple in this age and the fact that the satalite is above atmospheric distorsion.

sorry english gamma sometimes talks as the third and fourth person (you) meaning to you as an analogy ,you don not dismiss the 6766 analogy 75% of knowledge is wrong in the future ie. you can sail off the edge of the earth,the worlds flat,the sun goes round the earth. Romans wind the clocks back three hundred years how many times has that happened forwards or back.

There is NO evidence to suggest that such entities have ever come here, that such entities could get here, or that they would have any reason to come here if they could.

the truth is, the government has become very good at hiding information and misinforming the public, and while it is literally impossible to completely remove something from the internet, it is quite simple to make a change and then propogate it until it overrides or overwrites the information that you want gone.

Just an observation but you say the bks theory is made up of bits of information clumped together to prove its existence, but surely that 8767 s all the space blanket theory is? Suppose the space blanket floating about up there AND an unknown satellite ? And surely if it was genuinely believed that it had come from a civilisation superior to ours then the , Russia, China, the UK would be busting there balls the get there hands on it? I mean that could be holding some goodies for the lucky government that got there mitts on that!

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